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Aircraft Environment and Life Safe


Course highlights

Length of schooling: four years
Degrees conferred : Bachelor of Engineer

1. Educational Objectives

This program is intended to cultivate morally, intellectually and physically person who have solid foundation for mathematics and mechanics, who possess basic theory and application knowledge on flight vehicle engineering, flight vehicle environment simulation and control, life-supporting, who are capable of systematic research in flight vehicle design (including space shuttles and carriers), framework design, airplane exterior design, environment control, safety Lifesaving of Airplane, human-machine engineering, structure tension analysis, trouble-shooting and maintenance, software development, and who can engage in general mechanical design and manufacture.

2. Profession Qualities

After graduation, the students should posses the following abilities:

  • to understand the basic theory and design methods of flight vehicle environment;

  • to understand physiological and psychological theories in aeronautics and astronautics, and have basic designing ability of life-support system;

  • to be able to design flight vehicle environment simulation and control system;

  • to be capable of industrial design, interface design, air-conditioning and refrigeration system design and engineering testing;

  • to have proficient abilities in English and computer;

  • to master the basic techniques in literature retrieval and query;

  • to be creative and have systematic scientific research methods and working abilities.

3. Main Courses

Comprehensive Design of Aircraft, structure design, Aerodynamics, Fundamentals of Hydrodynamics, Material mechanics, Flight Vehicle Environmental Simulation and Control, Lift Support Technology, Man-Machine Engineering, Refrigeration Theory and Equipments, Air Conditioning, Aircraft Structure mechanics Base, engineering thermodynamics Base, Theoretic Mechanics, Theory of Automatic Control.

  • Duration:
    4 Year
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  • Tuition:
  • Registration fee:
    600 RMB
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