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Electronic Commerce


Course highlights

The program is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles of computer science for electronic commerce application oriented professionals, providing the training for electronic commerce and business administration.

Educational Objectives

Students with principle theory, knowledge and skills in computer science and electronic commerce can prepare for any professional role, such as an integrated senior engineer or business professional in development, research and applications.

Length of Schooling and Degrees

  • Length of schooling: four years

  • Degree conferred: Bachelor of Engineer


Total Credits: 215

Curriculum Class Hours/Credits: 2814/175                  

Percentage in Total Credits: 81.4%


  • Class Hours/Credits of General Education: 1288/80        

  • Percentage in Total Credits: 37.2%

  • Class Hours/Credits of Basic Technical Courses: 1078/67   

  • Percentage in Total Credits: 31.2%

  • Class Hours/Credits of Specialized Courses: 448/28        

  • Percentage in Total Credits: 13%

  • Weeks/Credits of Major Practical Training: 42w/40            

  • Percentage in Total Credits: 18.6%

Major Disciplines

Computer application, Computer Software, Network Securityundefinedamp; Electronic Commerce

Main Courses

Higher Mathematics, College Physics, College English, Discrete Mathematics, C Language Programming, Data Structure , Principle of Computer Network, Computer Organization, Computer Operation System, Introduction to Database , Object-Oriented Programming, Multimedia Technology, Software Engineering, Network Security, Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Economics of Electronic Commerce, Network Sales, Electronic Commerce Payment undefinedamp; Settlement, Electronic Commerce Logistics, Data Analyzing undefinedamp; Mining, Electronic Commerce Technology undefinedamp; System Design

  • Duration:
    4 Years
  • Apply Date:
  • Deadline:
  • Tuition:
  • Registration fee:
    600 RMB
  • Language: