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A Wonderful Basketball Match Between Oxford University and NPU

For days, all basketball fans and students have been expecting the competition between the two teams. So, people gathered in the Aoxiang Gymnasium to watch the game this afternoon.

At 2:30pm, Ms. Chen Xiaozhu, the President of NPU, delivered a welcome speech and gave a powerful start for the game. The players from two parts started the wonderful matchup. The Oxford team got the first blood by a forceful attack and the audience were so excited that they shouted for the Oxford team. Following an initial victory with hot pursuit, Oxford team built a 10 points lead. But after a short time-out, the coach of NPU, who may have found the weaknesses of Oxford, adjusted strategies for his boys. With a three-point shot and several exciting breakthrough and movements, the NPU boys made a rapid progress of their points. The students and faculties were all cheered by the fierce competition of two teams. Finally, the NPU team won the game by a 7-point-lead.

All players from the two parts showed their sportsmanship and honor on the basketball court. The game has widened the channels of communication and cooperation.

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