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Nigeria - China Business Association Delegation Visited NPU

On November 5th, the President of Nigeria - China Business Association Mr. Charles visited NPU with five other delegates. The Director of International Cooperation Office, the dean of International College Li Huaxing and the Director of Propaganda Deparetment Li Xiaocong had a meeting with the delegation.

Director Li Huaxing warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced the basic information and advantages in scientific research of NPU. He hoped that both sides can work hard together to constantly deepen the cooperation work and broarden the cooperation areas.

As the speacial advisor to Nigerian president, Mr. Charles introduced the construction conditions of China’s free trade area in Nigeria and the economic construction of Nigeria has got rapid development with the help of China. In recent years, the pace of modernization in Nigeria significantly speeds up in agricuiture, industry, business and communication, and the high-tech industry just emerged. The Nigerian government is formulating the national policy of industry and business and eagerly needs to extend the cooperation with China in the introduction of national high-tech equipment, the cultivation of high-tech talents and other aspects. This time to NPU,they witnessed NPU’s great achievements in high-tech areas, especially in aeronautics,astronautics and other sophisticated technology areas, so they are more determined to cooperate with China. They hope to establish cooperation with us in the cultivation of talents and other aspects as soon as possible.

After deeply discussing the issues like the cultivation of internatinal students, the delegation members communicated widely with the Nigeria students in our university. They learned about the learning and living conditions of the international students on campus and expressed the will that they want to send more Nigeria excellent students to our university for further study. After that, the delegation visited the micro satellite engineering laboratory in the school of astronautics and they communicated with relavant teachers. (International College  Cheng Yin)

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