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International College Undertook Safety Check on International Students Apartments

In order to raise the awareness of fire prevention, eliminate potential safety risks and provide harmonious and healthy living conditions of international students, the International College checked the dormitory both the old campus and the new campus on November, 8th.

This safety check aimed to find out whether there are high-power electrical appliances, inflammables and explosives and unpermitted power lines in the dormitory, so the potential safety risks would be prohibited. Guided by apartment managers, the teachers in International Office checked every dormitory. The results showed that most of the students did not infringe rules and use high-power electrical appliances. In addition, the teachers also talked with foreign students and listened to their advice towards apartment management work. The teachers praised good dormitories and encouraged them to keep up the good work. And they asked the unqualified ones to make corrections.

International Students Domitory is the second home for foreign students. Safety and Sanitation are closely related to every single student’s benefit. This safety check raised students’ fire prevention consciousness. It also made students pay more attention to fire safety and treat this problem seriously. International College hoped that international students could raise their security awareness, correct their inappropriate actions and establish harmonious dormitories together through this Safety Check. (Source:  Du Jing; Translation: Zhu Jing)

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