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The Party Branch of International Office and the Party Branch of Department of Science and Technology Together Held the Culture Lecture

According to the Party committee “ten demands about improving work style and closely associating with the teachers and students", to further strengthen the communication and connection, improving the skill of learning and training and enhancing the internationalization ability between school departments, the “The International Forum of the American Culture through the Lens”, which was held by the party branch of International Office and the party branch of Department of Science and Technology, was held successfully at the first meeting room of the Youyi Campuses on Nov. 6th.

Dr. Paul Wilson, comes from America, gave a lecture named “American Culture through the Lens of a Life Hopefully thus far, Well Lived” to the comrades of International Office and Department of Science and Technology with pure English, humorous language and straightforward examples. He analyzed the characteristics of American teenagers’ growth, life and study and the life experiences of his families, friends and himself with colorful pictures. He also explained the reasons about how American culture encourages the teenagers and graduates by introducing the American family life and comparing the different culture between China and America, especially the differences in higher education.

In order to improve effect, comrades from two different branches sit together, help each other to understand the lecture. During the lecture, everyone tried to discuss with Dr. Wilson. After the lecture, Branch secretary of Department of Science and Technology Niu Zhenxi, made a summary speech and pointed out that this activity gave an opportunity to the comrades to know the foreign culture and opened their horizon. At the same time, this activity also provided a platform to strengthen exchanges between the two departments, and also be conducive to two departments in the future work.

It is reported, after the series acticvity “The Cultural Tour around the World”, "International Forum" is another series activity which is also held by the International Cooperation Office, that service to the school staffs and other departments. By communicating with party branch from different administration depatment, this activity aims to strengthen the contact between departments. Meanwhile, through the English lecture, discussion, this activity brings more opportunities for staffs to communicate in English and expand their internationalization horizon, makes our school an international well-known university. (Source: Du Jing Translation: Zhu Jing)

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