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The Village Tour for the NPU International Students On Chongyang Festival

Oct 13, 2013, which is the Chinese tradition Chongyang festival, 25 international students from NPU joined the activity called“International Students Experience Village Tour of Chinese Culture”. They enjoyed the Qinqiang opera, tasted the local food and had a show with more than one hundred old men in the Xiazhuang village, Shaanxi province. They learned the origin and custom of Chongyang Festival and had a meaningful Chinese traditional festival.

Under the organization of International College, foreign students tasted the local food of the Xiazhuang village. And by making dumplings, pancakes and noodles and picking the apples in the orchard with villagers, they experienced the customs of the Xiazhuang village.

The masters in painting and calligraphy also came and gave their inscriptions to the students. The students love those calligraphy very much. Furthermore, the local ceramists taught the students how to make the artwares in person. The international students manifested their high interest in Chinese painting, calligraphy and ceramics. The students, who come from the U.S., Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Korea, Kazakhstan, also wrote some blessing words in their own languages. They wish the prosperity of Xiazhuang village and the happiness of its people.

At the party, the drama club of Fuping Cultural Affairs Bureau, villagers and foreign students gave a wonderful performances. Jamie, comes from American, sang a Chinese song “Ming Yue Ji Shi You” and won the warm applause from the audience. Moreover, Annika, who came from Germany, also showed a wonderful rap song. Furthermore, the fork song shown by a Pakistani student Adeel, pushed the party to the climax. At the end of the party, the international students danced with the villagers. They spent a memorable Chongyang Festival.

October 14this the 100 anniversary of the proletarian revolution predecessor Xi Zhongxun. The overseas students visited the old cemetery with great admiration, and the wreaths brought by them showed their memories towards the predecessors. In addition, after the wreath-laying ceremony, the international students visited Memorial Hall of Xi Zhongxun.(Source: Cheng Yin; Translation: Zhu Jing)

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