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The International Students of NPU Wins First Prize in Xi'an City Wall Marathon Race

On the morning of November 2nd, Xi’an City Wall international Marathon was held on City Wall, Xi’an City. This year’s Marathon has attracted 2693 athletes from 57 countries, and among them 640 are overseas students. Having prepared carefully and trained hard, Nijimbere Ture of NPU got first prize in men’s Foreign Athletes Group. This is also the best result our international students have got in this competition.

On the morning of Nov. 2nd, International College organized students to attend this contest. Competitors finished the race in the cold weather with their strong perseverance. Our university sent 82 international students for the marathon. Apart from first prize got by Nijimbere, Ali Rashid from Pakistan and Jean Trapet from France came in sixth and thirteenth respectively in men’s group of Foreign Athletes Group.

After the match the students said that this competition helped build up our bodies, strengthen the friendship between each other and enrich their extra-curriculum activities. Moreover, “Love Xi’an, love NPU” has become the identical feeling shared by a lot of overseas students. This competition will be a very memorable experience in their life of studying abroad.

Xi’an City Wall International Marathon has been held for 18 times since it firstly started in 1993. The total number of people who have attended the competition amounted to 42,000. And more than 8,700 foreign athletes from 60 countries have joined this match. International College organized their students to attend each year’s race. The competition enriched their cultural life and helped them to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. This activity is warmly welcomed by international students. (International College Du Jing)

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