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2014 Sunshine International Camp Started

“Hello Sunshine!” On the morning of July 17th, the opening ceremony of 2014 Fourth Sunshine International Camp (SIC) was held on Chang’an Campus of NPU.

More than 400 university students from China, America, Australia, Mexico, and Columbia and volunteers participated in this year’s SIC, which mainly centered on the theme of “cultivating a servant leader of honesty and integrity” with an aim to promote the campers’ individual comprehensive quality and leadership skills through learning and practicing interpersonal communication skills.

Sunshine International Camp (SIC) is a program of the "The Way to Success" Leadership Initiative co-sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and CEO Global Education Foundation. SIC 2014 ran from July 17thto 25th, during the time senior executives from world- famous enterprises were invited to give lectures.

The Camp was led by professional trainers with English as its official language. The campers were divided into groups of 10 students from different areas, schools, and cultural backgrounds. For each group, an English-speaking trainer and a bilingual trainer of Chinese and English were assigned to guide them. The camp organized a variety of theme-based activities, such as seminars, group discussions, role plays, sports, film appreciation, making public speeches, project planning and team games. All these activities were intended to promote the campers’ international exchange, develop their interpersonal communication skills and cooperation, so that their leadership skills, adaptive capacity and employability would be enhanced in the face of the world’s new development.

(Liu Jie)

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