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The Second IEEE International Conference on Orange Technologies

On the morning of September 21, the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Orange Technologies (ICOT2014) hosted by NPU was opened grandly at International Conference Center of NPU.

The four-day conference would focus on the different themes of technologies related to health care and happiness. Over 200 scholars and experts from different countries and regions would view out new ideas through different forms, such as plenary lectures, special lectures, branch lectures and achievement exhibitions, to discuss and share the concepts and achievements on orange technologies in order to impel the developments of orange technologies and the related industries.

As a newly proposed concept of science & technology development, orange technologies, which differ from green technology, lay equal stress on technology development and humanistic concern, emphasize human-oriented and human sympathy and develop the systematic industries of science & technology related to health, happiness and humanistic care.

(Yang Huiying)

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