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On VUB Day: a Harmonious Ensemble of Chocolate and Music

She, coming from the hometown of Smurf, flows out the very romance of Belgium chocolate.

She, born from Han &Tang in the East, echoes the very melody of Chinese music.

On Oct. 23, “VUB Day”, an intercultural exchange event with the theme of “Perceiving Belgian Culture and Participating NPU-VUB Project” was held at the International Convention Center, on Youyi campus of NPU. It was such a great opportunity of intercultural communication that brought NPU teachers and students a feast of taste, hearing and vision.

For the sake of friendship and cooperation, the guests from Belgium brought for the feast ten kilo chocolate as the raw material of chocolate fountain, which spewed out silky chocolate on the scene. Students from NPU Art Group, wearing colorful traditional costume, played Chinese traditional musical instruments such as Pipa (Chinese lute) and Sizhu (traditional stringed and woodwind instruments), adding an “Oriental flavor” to this western cultural event.

NPU Vice President Wan Xiaopeng and VUB Vice President Jan Cornelis as well as the representatives from the two universities were present at the event. VUB Day was held as an innovative attempt to deepen mutual exchange and broaden cooperative platforms for future overall and smooth communication between NPU and VUB.

(Wang Juan)

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