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The Voice from the International Class

On November 8, co-hosted by School of Science and International Cooperation, a seminar among Chinese teachers and foreign teachers on "General Education for International Classes" was held on You Yi Campus in NPU.

The seminar is a summary for the teaching methods of basic courses in English in the international classes, which as a program belongs to the national education reform project of "Tentative Study on the Reform of Cultivating Internationalized Talents". It would help to further explore the methods and the ideas of internationalization in general education, with which to enrich the experience in both the teaching of basic courses in English and the general education in NPU.

Prof. Kyle Siegrist, used to be the director of Department of Mathematics in the University of Alabama, introduced the education ideology in American universities with his personal teaching experience, especially emphasizing the high-tech influence on the education in American higher education.

Prof. Genevieve S. Crook from the same university encouraged students of NPU to be active in communicating with others, which is supposed to be an effective approach in acquiring knowledge. He exemplified learning from peers as an important part in American teaching concepts.

Prof. Mooney, a French expert in “Thousand Foreign Talents Program” of NPU gave the advice to the co-training of doctoral students. At the seminar the young faculty from School of Science also expressed their feeling and experience in teaching.

(Yang Huiying)

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