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The 7th Culture Bridge & New Year’s Party Held in NPU

In the evening of Dec. 24, 2014, the 7thCulture Bridge & New Year’s Party was held at Ao’xiang Student Center of Chang’an campus with the presence of NPU Vice Presidents of Mr. Yuan Jianping and Mr. Wan Xiaopeng.

The Party was divided into three themes in terms of “Sharing International Cultures”, “Enjoying Chinese Culture” and “Love of a Family”. The first chapter started with the dancing performance by NPU College Students Art Group, and followed by the performances of oversea students from college and universities in Xi’an, among which the dancing show by the NPU oversea students was impressive to win bursts of applause of the audience. During the second chapter, while along with the singing by Anik, a member of ISA (International Studies Association), Hasid from Bangladesh displayed his calligraphy skill by writing out the five Chinese characters of “I love NPU”. The party reached its climax with the singing performance “I Love You, China” by Mr. Li Huaxing, the director of NPU International Affairs and dean of International College, together with Miss Wang Yiyi, a graduate student from School of Electronics and Information. The third chapter began by an Erhu concert performed by NPU College Students Art Group, and then ISA member Rafey and a lady from Xinjiang gave a vocal collaboration “Bollywood”. African students demonstrated their passion in the folk dance “Journey”, and in the “Modeling show” Chinese students in various national costumes stepped onto the stage with all the overseas students. In the end, all members of ISA present sang together the song “friends”, which interpreted the mission of ISA thoroughly.

As the party was held, number of NPU oversea students reached beyond a thousand. With the 150 minutes of cultural trip in the party, audience could experience and appreciate a cultural integration with diverse features.

(Wang Juan)

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