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The 2nd International Culture Festival Held

0n the morning of May 21st, over 1000 Chinese and foreign teachers and students participated in the opening ceremony of the Second NPU International Culture Festival. The Party Secretary Ms.Chen Xiaozhu, President Wang Jinsong and Vice President Zhang Weihong were present. Zhang Weihong addressed the audience to express thanks to the teachers and students who had worked hard for the success of the festival, for the international culture festival could play a positive role in enriching campus life and promoting the internationalization of education. He believes that the festival would be a wonderful time and would be more brilliant in future. Afterwards, Zhang Weihong declared the opening of the festival. Then, the students from Ethiopia, Zambia, France, Kazakhstan, Latvia, America and South Korea gave their wonderful performances in turn.

Meanwhile, the cooking talents started to display their culinary skills, challenging the taste buds of the passers-by. In order to let everyone have a taste of the most authentic and delicious fine foods of their home country, some oversea students had been making their preparation since 5 o’clock in the early morning. Some even asked their families to post various raw materials from abroad.

At 5 in the afternoon, the concert jointly performed by the Chinese Orchestra of NPU Students and the Jazz Orchestra of University of Missouri St .Louis proceeded on time. The musicians from different countries and cultures brought the festival to an end with their touching performance.

The international culture festival is a conventional event commonly held in many universities home and abroad. It has been the second time for NPU to hold such an event. Compared with last year’s culture festival, there are much more participating countries and audience in this festival. What’s more, the program design and schedule are better.

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