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The Vice-president of Moscow Power Engineering Institute visits NPU

Zamolodchikov Vladimir Nikolaevich, the Vice-president of Moscow Power Engineering Institute in Russia and his five team members visited NPU on the morning of May 25. Mr. Zhang Weihong, the Vice-president of NPU met the team in the international conference center on You Yi campus and Mr. Li Huaxin, the director of International Cooperation was present in the meeting.

After extending the welcome to Zamolodchikov Vladimir Nikolaevich on behalf of NPU, Mr. Zhang looked back the cooperation between Moscow Power Engineering Institute and NPU briefly, expecting for the in-depth cooperation in the field of scientific research on both sides with the development of all-round strategic partnership between China and Russia. He also hoped that the cooperation on the student co-training could be deepened for the cultivation of outstanding talents, taking the advantage of the scholarship programs and the oversea studying programs founded by the government of China and Russian government.

Having handed in the invitation letter for the 85 anniversary of the founding of Moscow Power Engineering Institute to Mr. Zhang, Zamolodchikov Vladimir Nikolaevich introduced about the Institute and also wished to further the cooperation with NPU in the aspects of teacher exchange, student co-training and scientific research.

After the meeting, the team visited the 3D printing lab in NPU and the heat transfer lab in School of Power and Energy.

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