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TU Delft President D. J. van den Berg Visited NPU

On May 27, TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) (Netherlands) President D. J. van den Berg paid a visit to NPU, signed agreements for comprehensive cooperation, and gave an impressive lecture to school managerial staff and young teachers at the International Conference Center of Youyi Campus. Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President Zheng Yongan hosted the seminar.

As one of the top universities of science and engineering in the world, TU Delft has the longest history, largest scale and covers the widest range of educational programs, nearly all the fields of engineering science within the Netherlands, and therefore is honoured as the “MIT in Europe”.

At the seminar, President D. J. van den Berg, taking TU Delft as a successful case, introduced the developing background and present situation of the research universities and institutions in the Netherlands, as well as the development trend of the world top universities. His lecture was delivered in the five aspects, namely how to operate a university, how to conduct cooperative scientific researches, how to work on human resource management and achieve excellence, what on-line education brings to entity universities, and the potential of combined efforts between enterprises and universities.

Following the seminar, President D. J. van den Berg interacted with participants in Q&A procedure, and expressed his expectation of further and more comprehensive cooperation with China and NPU.

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