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The Opening Ceremony for Overseas Students

The opening ceremony of 2015 new overseas students was held in NO. 6 Classroom on You Yi Campus at 4 p.m on October 19. Zhang Weihong, the vice president of NPU was present at the ceremony, along with the staff from Exit and Entry Administration of Xi’an Public Security Bureau, the faculties and students from School of International Education, 2015 freshmen, the representatives of ISA and university students.

In recent years, the number of overseas students and the number of countries they come from have increased greatly owing to the constant internationalization in NPU and the recommendations from Embassies in China, other oversea universities and research institutes. Up to this year, there are nearly 200 new overseas students from 34 countries recruited by NPU, such as America, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, South Africa, Pakistan, Korea and so on. The total number of overseas students has reached a new top, among which 65 are supported by Chinese Government Scholarship, three times than the ones in the last year.

Setting up “the student ambassadors” became a focus in the ceremony. Zhang Weihong, the vice president of NPU granted Student Ambassador Certificates for more than 50 overseas students from Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Zambia, Bangladesh, Algeria and so on. Those students would be the nucleus as the special “diplomats” in NPU, representing their own countries to publicize the international image of NPU positively.

The opening ceremony, as the first class, became a communicative platform, helping them to adapt the new university life better and easily, and set up the learning target to lay a solid foundation for carrying out the later work.

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