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NPU Overseas Students Go to Cheng Gu for a Voluntary Activity

“This is the first time for NPU’s overseas students to experience the root-seeking voluntary activity in Gu Lu Ba, which would help them understand more about NPU’s school culture and inspire their spirit of devotion and volunteerism.” said Jia Li, the organizer this voluntary activity.

This root-seeking voluntary activity was conducted, on December 6, in the small town of Gu Lu Ba, Cheng Gu County of Hanzhong City, where NPU was firstly established in the school history. All overseas students from 25 countries were present, among whom Alex from Tanzania expressed his excitement for admiration to those famous Chinese science professors in the early stage, for their endurance of hardship. " It is incredibly great for them to stay for such long time of 7 years in such a hard life, to have made remarkable science achievements." Students learned about school history and were impressed by the heroic stories that could be only watched from movies before. Northwest Institute of Technology Site, the former site of NPU, left a deep impression on these overseas students for their love of NPU and interest of Chinese culture.

On the morning of December 7, the overseas students visited Shuang Xi Primary School in the north of mountain area in Cheng Gu County, sharing their countries’ cultures with the pupils there. Aaron, one of the overseas students told them that Seattle is his hometown, which was also the first place visited by President Xi when he was in America. He also told them jokingly that his Chinese name sounds like “dream” in Chinese because he once dreamed of them, which made the pupils feel very pleased and deeply impressed. In addition, the nice greeting such as “hello, can we make friends” from the pupils further made them have more friendly talks.

This activity developed the spirit of international volunteers and offered an opportunity for the mountain pupils to contact the overseas students from all over the world, which not only broadened their horizon but also intrigued their curiosity to the world outside.

(Yang Huiying)

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