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NPU Signs Framework Agreement and Student Exchange Agreement with Changwon National University

On December 8, a delegation led by Professor Cui Haifan, the former president of Changwon National University visited NPU. Zhang Weihong, the vice president of NPU met them and signed the framework agreement and the student exchange agreement with Changwon National University. These two agreements would offer NPU’s undergraduates more opportunities of studying abroad and also attract more Korean students to study in NPU, further promoting the strategy of educational internationalization in NPU.

During the meeting, Zhang Weihong emphasized the steady foundation based on almost 20 years of cooperation between two universities, specializing in the research of science and engineering. The cooperation experience on the aspects of talent-training and scientific research would become the motivation to further deepen the cooperative relationship and broaden the cooperative field on both sides.

Cui Haifan also spoke highly of the quality of talent-training in NPU, specially expressing the deep impression on NPU’s Student Innovation Center.

After the visit, more communication and cooperation on extensive levels are expected to carry out between two universities.

The Introduction to Changwon National University:

Changwon National University, located in the northeast of Changwon City, the Capital of Gyeongsangnam-do in Korea, was established in 1969. As a rising academic palace and the center of research and education, its curriculum have been designed to match with the development of Changwon, an industrial city. With the high quality of education, it is annually funded 100 hundred million as the fund of scientific research by Consortium of Academic Revitalization, Science Consortium and enterprises. Mechanotronics in Changwon National University is unique in Korea and the university stared to implement educational certification system in engineering at early time, effectively promoting the cultivation system of the world level in training technological talents.

(Yang Huiying )

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