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NPU Wins the First Prize in Shaanxi Division of the Second “China Exploration”

On May 18th to 19th, the Shaanxi Auditions for the Second “China Exploration- Oversea Students Sunshine Sports and Cultural Tour in China” initiated by Ministry of Education was held in NPU. After the heated competitions, NPU won the first prize in the Shaanxi Division, and will participate in the Northwest Division as one of the representatives for Shaanxi Division, which will be held in early June in Lanzhou.

The Shaanxi Auditions for the Second “China Exploration” provided a stage for both the Chinese and international colleges to make friends with each other and to demonstrate the fitness of youth , which will surly become a classroom for oversea students to experience Chinese liberal education and to perceive Chinese reform and opening up, so that more and more international students in China will be inspired to get involved in and to witness the development of beautiful China.

“Through this competition I have got to know many international students from all parts of the world. The friendship has been enhanced while learning the rich culture of the world, which is a most happy thing to me,” said Anthony, an oversea student from Spain.

“The thing unexpected, participating in this activity, is that I could make friends with a group of foreigners who can speak Chinese very fluently, and who, just like us, love sunshine, sports and NPU,” said Yang Yining, a volunteer in NPU for this activity.

After winning the competition, an Italian student in NPU said excitedly, “we will work hard together with Chinese students to get prepared for the contest of the next stage, and we will encourage each other for we are of one family!”

“China Exploration” is a cultural activity initiated by Ministry of Education for the 300,000 overseas students in China, with the sports events and talent shows in sports and arts, aiming at displaying their healthy and vigorous youth and promoting their comprehensive understanding of China, which ultimately would enhance the integration of Chinese and international students through the team work of Chinese and foreign students.

(Liu Jie)

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