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2017 NPU Chinese Government Scholarship Program

Northwestern Polytechnical University is one of the 211 and 985 project universities and enjoys a highly distinguished reputation. NPU is located in Xi’an, where the Eighth Wonder of the world —Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum lies in. NPU is a member of the Excellent Union 9 (E9) universities in China. NPU is an international university of science and technology, and has strong capabilities and outstanding achievements in aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology, making it very unique and distinguished from other institutions. Besides, NPU also offers well -developed programs in humanities, economics, management and law.

NPU has 16 academic schools, offering65 undergraduate programs, 120 postgraduate programs,71 doctoral programs, and17 postdoctoral programs. The university has more than 3,600 faculty members, including 1,800 full time and associate professors,22 scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE),23 chair and lecture professors from the Cheung Kung Scholars Program, and12 recipients of the National Science Fund for Young Distinguished Scholars. Currently, the university has 26,093 students, including 14,451 undergraduates,8,017 master's degree students,3,625 full-time PhD candidatesand2,521 professional degree students.

NPU sincerely welcomes all outstanding international students to join NPU and pursue higher education here.

I. Durationand standardof the Scholarship



Ph. D.

Study Duration

2.5-3 years

3-5 years



Dormitory Housing


Comprehensive Medical Insurance

1-year Chinese Preparatory Study (Optional)

Master Ph.D.











Students who are not proficient in Chinese language can apply for Chinese language studies for 1 year before their major studies. Please note the duration of scholarships shall NOT be extended.

Attachment is the English-medium programs for master students and Ph. D. Students.

II.Requirements of Applicants

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens, and healthy;

2. Applicants who applyfor the master’s scholarship shouldget their bachelor’s degree and be under 35;

3.Applicants who applyfor the Ph.D. scholarship should have their master’s degree and be under 40;

4. Applicants are not required to have HSK examination results or Chinese language learning experience because NPU offers classes in English medium;

5. Applicants should have good academic marks;

6. Applicants should have strong capacity in scientific research.

III. Application Documents andProcedure


1. Application form for Chinese Government Scholarship

2. Notarized highest diploma

3. Academic transcripts

4. Two letters of recommendation

5. A study plan

6. Notarized Copies of research achievements

7. Certificate of English/Chinese proficiency

8. A copy of valid passport

9. Physical Examination form

10. Others

Applicants should apply online first, and then sign it and send TWO printed copies of the documents to the International College of NPU by post.

Application deadline: Feb. 27, 2017.


1.Applicants should register and apply online on the following web-page: agency No. for NPU is 10699). Please provide the address, passport No. and contact No. correctly and in detail since we will send the admission notice through these messages.

2. After the online registration,applicants should print theauto-generatedApplication Form For Chinese Government Scholarship and submit it to the International College in principle.

3. Notarized highest diploma or certificate. If the applicant is studying in university or working in company,he/she has to submit the studentship certificate (notifying graduation time) or working certificate produced by his/her university or company. Ifthe certificate is not in English or Chinese, it has to be notarized in English or Chinese.

4. Transcripts or notarized transcripts if they are neither English nor Chinese.

5. A Study plan in English or Chinese (not less than 800 words for master’s degree applicants;not less than1500 words for doctor’s degree applicants).

6. Recommendation letters in English or Chinese by two professors or associate professors.

7.Physical Examination Form. Applicants should follow strictly the requirements of the Physical Examination Form. It will be invalid if there is page missing, or no photo or no seal on the perforation or no signature by the hospital or doctor in the form. The result of the examination will be valid for 6 months. Please arrange the time of your physical examination appropriately.

IV. Others

1. The result of the application will be finalizedat the end of June 2017.

2. The admitted students cannot change the university, major and duration of study.

V. Contact us:

Applicants shouldmail your documents to the following address:

CHEN Siwei

International College of Northwestern Polytechnical University

Address: No.127 Youyi Xilu, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

Zip code: 710072

In Chinese:




For any inquires please contact us on any of the below:

Tel: +86-29-88492721

In Chinese:



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