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2017 Outstanding Master/PH.D Graduates Selection

Based on the notification of Graduate School on selection 2017 Outstanding Master/PH.D Graduates Selection and combined the practical cases of international postgraduates, International College now notifies 2017 Outstanding Master/PH.D Graduates Selection as followings:

1. Targets:

Postgraduates who will graduate on time in 2017.

2. Quotas:

Master 3 quotas

Ph.D 1 quota


A. Obey Chinese laws and NPU regulations & sound in body and mind.

B. Outstanding in transcripts and published research works. GPA: top 10 among the same batch; significant research papers and oral presentations at international conferences etc.

C. Clear all the fees, including: tuition fees, insurance fees, hostel fees, including those for families).

D. Participate actively in all kinds of activities, including academic activities, social practice, volunteer activities, etc.

E . Those who have committed the followings are not eligible to participate in this selection:

A. Disobeying Chinese laws or NPU regulations.

B. Academic misconduct or falsification.

C. Failing in fulfilling the cultivating tasks at certain stages on time.

4. Procedures:

A. Personal application. Download the application form (申报审批表in short in Chinese) See the attachement.

B. Transcripts, copy of published research papers.

Attention: hand in these materials mentioned above to international office 715 before Feb. 27, 2017.

C. Preliminary screening by International College.

D. Office 719 of International College will held an open debate for the successful candidates from the previous step i.e. C on Mar. 2nd, 2017.

E. International College will publicize the result of step D for 3 days from Mar. 3, 2017 on.

F.Afterwards, Graduate School will finalize the list.

G. The shortlisted candidates will attend the Annual Awarding Ceremony NPU.


Feb. 22, 2017

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