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Northwestern Polytechnical University “Chinese Homestay”Cultural Experience Plan

1. Introduction

With the development of the process of globalization, Chinese culture is entering a more open era, meanwhile, the number of overseas students of NPU is increasing annually. To response to the keen interest to Chinese culture from international students in China, The Youth League Committee of NPU, joints hands with International College, pushes out the “Chinese Homestay” Cultural Experience Activity. In this activity, international students can live in Chinese families and study with Chinese, which can let students really experience Chinese Homestay and make the campus life more significant. In China’s daily life, we provide an opening environment which also have mutual assistance for international students. Through this activity, we can improve the communication between western and eastern culture, understanding the customs, making homestay culture more lively and improving international students’ Chinese competence.


International students of NPU

3.Type of accommodation

You’ll get accommodation on Saturday and Sunday. (Temporary policy)

4.Participation Way

Send the form and document (attached 1 & 2) to e-mail:

5. Registration Deadline

SundayMar. 19th, 2017

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