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Notice on Establishing Chinese Tutoring Classes


To meet the learning demands of enrolled international students and further improve their proficiency in Chinese and ability of cross-cultural communication, the College intends to establish Chinese tutoring classes for them from this semester. The College hereby notifies the related matters as follows:


I. Applicants: All enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate international students can apply, according to their personal circumstances.


II. Class Streaming: According to the Chinese level of international students, they will be streamed into elementary class and advanced class. Each class will open once the number of applicants reaches 15.


III. Time Arrangement: The class will open from Week 7 (October 9) to Week 17 (December 22), 2 classes a week and 2 hours each class.


IV. Venue for Classes: Youyi Campus (Old Campus), Chang’an Campus (New Campus)


V. Tuition Fee: Student who applies for the tutoring class should pay 100 yuan as the deposit. Those who observe the attendance system during the tutoring will get their deposits back after the tutoring, otherwise, their deposits will not be returned.


VI. How to Apply: Students who intend to apply should fill in the “Chinese Tutoring Application Form”, and submit it to Room 227, Yuntianyuan F, New Campus, or to Room 718, Yizi Building, Youyi Campus.


VII. Application Deadline: September 25, 2017


VIII. Important Notes: In order to ensure the tutoring quality, students’ attendance will be checked. Those who cannot comply with the attendance arrangement will be disqualified and removed from the tutoring class.


International College


September 19, 2017

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