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Root-Seeking Journey for NPU International Students

Learn NPU History and Experience Chinese Culturea Root-Seeking Journey for NPU International Students



Chinese people always have a strong conception of homeland. And seeking root is one of the most significant characters in the Chinese culture. From March 31st to April 1st 2018, the International College of NPU organized a Root-Seeking Journey.

In the early morning of March 31st, about 60 international students and the members of ISA along with teachers took the high-speed train to Hanzhong.

Located in Guluba of Han Zhong, National Northwestern Institute of Technology was a starting point in history of NPU. NPUthe union of three magnificent origins, National Northwestern Engineering Institute, Eastern China Aeronautics Institute, and People's Liberation Army Military Engineering Institute, was born in the flame of Anti-Japanese war and it insistently had been the industry backbone of the Chinese nation.



Subsequently, they went to the stone tablet written with “the old site of National Northwestern Engineering Institute” by Shi Changxu, the respectable Chinese academician. Students elocuted and studied NPU's motto of “fairness, honesty, courage, perseverance” and “strong preparation, diligent effort, practical attitude and creative innovation”.



Shepelev from Russia said, With the lead of our teachers today, we come to the old site of State Northwest Polytechnic Institute. I think the scenery is beautiful and is full of strong cultural atmosphere. Standing here, I just can't stop imaging that many students studied hard in the war. I can feel the hardwork and persistence from them." Nisha from Thailand said," I 've found that it was an old Catholic Church before, the learning conditions in the past must be bad, but many students still made great contributions to the country's development. I have truly realized the NPU spirit.

Students also visited Shimen Ancient Plank Road, Zhangqian Tomb, Hanzhong Museum, and Zhuge Town, etc. to further understand the Chinese history, Han culture, and the history of the Silk Road.







Han-Fu originated from the Han Dynasty. And Hanzhong, as the birthplace of the Han culture, has a unique historical and cultural status. Students here studying and appreciating Chinese culture were impressed by its long history and the profound cultural heritage. They headed for Zhuge Town in the afternoon to experience the culture of Three Kingdoms where they watched Memorial on Sending Out the Troops show. They finally comprehended the spirit of Kong Ming who spared no effort in the performance of his duty and devoted all his life to the Han Dynasty.




After the two-day activities, the international students learned a lot about the NPU history and felt proud as NPUers. And they further understood the profound history of the Chinese culture.

International College

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Apr. 2, 2018

Written byDu li, Chen Xiaofeng, Yangrui, He Yu, Fanyukun, Ye Lin

 Translation: Li Donghong, Bai Xiaoge, Hu Yiyao,
Li Meixuan, Zhao Xin, Fu Bingjie, Yu Luoyan

Photo: Lu Di, Du Li

EditorLi Donghong

ProofreadSun Wubin


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