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Notice for International Student Dormitory Application


Notice for International Student Dormitory Application


In order to ensure the orderly management of international student residences, the university dormitory application for international students will implement a one-year application system.  International students need to complete the dormitory application by June 19, 2018. The application after June 19, 2018 is invalid. University will arrange dormitories based on student academic performance, attendance rates, pays off previous tuition fees and dormitory fees, and school performance. Application results will be announced at the beginning of July.


As the number of international student dormitories in university is less than the number of international students, not every applicant is guaranteed to be successful. Student who is arranged dorm successfully must pay accommodation fees in units of one year at the beginning of the autumn semester. Student cannot pay for accommodation cannot get university dorm. Students should obey the university dormitory arrangements. If you are dissatisfied with the arranged dormitory, you will be considered to give up the university dormitory application.


Dormitory application process:

1.Download the dormitory application form ( 附件Appendix:留学生宿舍申请表Dormitory Application Form.docx) and fill the form

2.Print dormitory application form, sign the commitment letter, copy transcripts, all previous accommodation fees, tuition fee payment receipts (from the beginning of enrolment), and then submit those documents to International Student Office teachers who are in charge of you.

New Campus:Yun F 227

Old CampusYizi Building 715

3.Send the completed dormitory application form to Mail subject: Std ID + Dorm Application+ New/Old Campus. (Wrong subject will be refused). 

NoticeThis price is only for the year of 2018. Prices will change after 2018.


International Student Office

June 12, 2018

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