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Notice for 2018 Pre & Post Summer Vacation Affairs


Notice for 2018 Pre & Post Summer Vacation Affairs

Dear all international students,

The summer vacation is coming soon. Hope all of you have a happy holiday! According to university decision, the summer vacation is from July 14th to September 1st, 2018.

Before summer vacation:

1.Before leaving school, please register travel information. Download the appendix ( 附件Appendix:外出登记表Travel+Registration+Form+for+Holiday.xlsx), fill it out and send it to before the night at 23:59 (Beijing Time) of July 9th 2018. It is a must for the students to submit the whereabouts form. (Mail Subject: Std ID + Travel Registration)

2.Please strictly follow the registration time, route and transportation method when you plan to leave school. Please do not change the transportation route. Obey the law and ensure the safety when you leave school and return to school. Please do not leave school in advance, and do not delay returning to school. Please report and register as required after arriving at school.

3.Students who do not plan go out should strictly abide by the relevant school management regulations, and reasonably arrange your study and life during the holiday. Do not change the dormitory privately, do not let others live in your room and do not leave the dormitory all night, often contact your parents to report peace.

4.During the holiday, please do not participate in illegal activities and consciously stay away from pornography, gambling, poison and other illegal activities.

After summer vacation:

1.The registration date for new semester registration is on September 2nd 2018. The students are utterly requested to return to NPU before the registration date. Please note that the studentship will be cancelled if you miss the registration and failed to arrive NPU on time without a leave.

2.Please bring the following materials for new semester registration:

a.Student Red Book

b.Bring your passport.

c.Copy of the information page and latest visa page of your passport

d.The self-supported students need to pay the tuition fees, accommodation fees and insurance fees.

Please strictly observe the holiday deadline and the school regulations. At the same time, please cherish the time, study hard, make full use of the holiday and strive to enrich and improve yourself.

International Student Office

July 5th, 2018

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