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Notice on the annual review Notice on the annual review



All schools and all President Scholarship students


According to the requirements of the Northwestern Polytechnical University President Scholarship Scheme, the President Scholarship students who continue to study at NPU in the following academic year must participate in the annual review. Those who do not participate in the scholarship annual review for no reason will be disqualified from the scholarship. The relevant matters of annual review are notified as follows:


I. Object of the Review

2017 batch students who continue to study at NPU during 2018-2019 academic year.


II. Methods of assessment

Northwestern Polytechnical University will evaluate the President Scholarship students according to academic achievement, comprehensive performance, and will put forward suggestion on the basis of the appraisal. The review is organized by International College and the results are announced after review by the expert group.


III. Review process

  1. Review Date: September 7 – September 14

  2. From September 7 to September 14, the President Scholarship students need to download and print "Annual Review Form of the President Scholarship" (appendix 1) (double-sided printing), complete the students fill in part of the form (the first page). Students need to submit this form to international secretary of your school before September 14. Those who fail to submit materials within the time limit will be automatically disqualified from the scholarship.

  3. From September 17 to September 19, your school needs to complete the second page of the Annual Review Form (academic secretary, undergraduate class teacher/graduate tutor and the vice-President of Foreign Affairs signature, and the department seal).

  4. Before 12:00 noon on September 20, the International Secretary needs to submit the Annual Review Form of the President Scholarship (appendix 1) to the International College.

  5. International College will organize an expert review committee for annual review, and then publish the results.


Contact Number:

Tel: 88495735 (Youyi Campus: room 715, Yizi building) Contact: Miss Du

Tel: 88430910 (Changan Campus: room 227, Yun F)        Contact: Miss Han


International College

7th Sep, 2018

 Appendix1 Annual Review Form of the President Scholarship.pdf


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